To support the launch of the new NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f2.8 S lens, LEE Filters are proud to announce the award-winning LEE100 filter system´s latest addition.

- A physically larger LEE100 holder, developed specifically for the NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f2.8 S lens and designed for optimal vignette performance

- Featuring a bespoke compression system for a secure fit without damaging the lens barrel;

- Visual ºsmart alignment¹ markings help to secure the holder in the correct position on the lens;

- Made from aluminium alloy, with an anti-reflective coating and an integrated gasket to protect against light leak;

- Uses the same interchangeable, modular guide blocks as the standard LEE100 system;

- Innovative quick-change filter frames enable photographers to use their existing 100x150mm resin and 100x100mm standard LEE Filters; 

- Newly designed foamless stoppers for optimum wide-angle performance; (shoot with new stopper)

- Integrated handling tabs on the filter frames allow for easy positioning without having to directly touch the filter surface, mitigating fingerprints and increasing the filter´s usable visible area;

- A physical stop on the filter frames optimizes the filter´s position relative to the lens (shoot with standard/stopper frame)

- Ensuring the filter´s edge won´t drop into the shot (shoot with grad frame)


Specially developed by LEE for the latest generation of super-wide angle zoom and prime lenses to provide access to the popular LEE100 filter eco-system.

This beautifully machined metal filter holder, manufactured from aluminium, uses a new compression ring mounting system that attaches around the front of the lens barrel and locks securely to the lens without risk of damage to the lens barrel or hood mount.

It's twin-slot filter guides provide full 360-degree filter holder rotation, to enable the exact placement of filter effects into the image path.

The super-wide nature of this new filter holder requires the use of slot-in filter adaptor frames to accept LEE100 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters and the kit includes the filter holder, a compression ring for the NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f2.8 S lens, one of each of the two filter adaptor frame sizes and a drawstring carry pouch.

Please note that the LEE100 clip-on circular Polarizer is not compatible with this holder.

The LEE100 slot-in circular Polarizer may be used with the appropriate filer adaptor frame. 

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