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Converts daylight (6500K) to tungsten light (4600K).

Full technical specifications for 206 Quarter C.T. Orange can be found here.

Manufactured in the following sizes;

  • Sheet - 21" x 24" (0.53m x 0.61m)
  • LEE Compact Roll - 25' x 24" (7.62m x 0.61m)
  • Standard 4ft Roll - 25' x 48" (7.62m x 1.22m)


We've been the go-to choice for the world's leading filmmakers for more than 50 years.

Our range of high-quality technical filters are designed to meet the exacting needs of all film & TV productions, no matter the location. By eliminating infrared pollution and ensuring all colors remain absolutely accurate, we enable cinematographers to focus on realizing their creative ambition.

There's a reason the film & TV industry trusts LEE.

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